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3 day Professional Development for Social Enterprise Advisors
23rd - 25th June Consider the business model behind social enterprise *Working with clients to develop plans and outline proposals *Advising your clients on the market place and viability *Tools of the ...
Event date: Tue, 23 June 2009�� Read more... on "3 day Professional Development for Social Enterprise Advisors"

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Other news: Tuck into the Big Lunch

On Sunday, 19th July 2009, the Big Lunch team want as many of the 61 million people in the UK as possible, to simultaneously sit down to lunch together, with their neighbours, in the middle of their street, as a simple but profound act of community.

Everyone will be encouraged to grow food or flowers for The Big Lunch including schools, workplaces and homes; and across a deliberately diverse range of communities including tower blocks, prisons, hospitals, inner city, suburbia and villages alike. For some this will be the first time they have experienced the pleasure and fulfilment of growing something.

The Big Lunch team will not only provide growing ideas and tips, plus starter kits, they will also help to find growing space if needed. They will also encourage an outburst of creativity led by a plethora of ambassadors and ideas:

� Street Music in the �garage band� and skiffle tradition, making use of recycled household objects in the style of the �Lost and Found Orchestra�; or forming street choirs.
� Street Art from chalk drawings on pavements to sculptures. Painting murals together has helped to repair and strengthen some of the world�s most troubled communities. Tower Blocks and community eyesores can be re-painted.
� Streets can create their own emblems or crests. People will make tablecloths, banners, cushions or devise jokes, entertainment, quizzes, and games.

To find out more and to get involved visit www.thebiglunch.com