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23rd-25th March. Three day training to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to meet the SFEDI Social Enterprise Standards. RISE recommends SFEDI accredited social enterprise advisors to social enterprises
Event date: Mon, 23 March 2009�� Read more... on "Social Enterprise Advisor: Professional Development"

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News from RISE: South West launch of Make Your Mark with a Tenner

RISE was thrilled to attend the launch of Make Your Mark with a tenner at Swindon Academy on Friday 30th January with Caroline Marsh from Channel 4's secret millionaire.

18 students, aged 13 from Swindon Academy who attend a weekly enterprise club came together to discuss their enterprising ideas with Caroline Marsh. The launch appeared on BBC and ITV television news, see the ITV footage here

Make Your Mark with a Tenner is a national enterprise competition. Twenty thousand young people (under the age of 19 from across the country) will each be loaned �10 and challenged to make as much profit and social impact as they can in one month. Its aim is to help young people develop enterprise skills by giving them the opportunity to use their skills and talents, act on their ideas, follow their passions, take risks, and develop an enterprising mindset. Set in the context of the current economic climate, this is more important than ever before. See www.makeyourmark.org.uk/tenner for more information and resources for teachers and students during the month of February, including top money making tips from well known entrepreneurs.

RISE is supporting the project because by encouraging young people to use enterprise to create a social benefit and make a difference to the world around them, they will understand how 'social enterprise' is a different way of doing business. We hope they will be inspired to set up their own social enterprises in the future, or consider it as a rewarding career option. Last year, with support from South West RDA, RISE ran social enterprise sessions in schools to broaden young people's understanding of social enterprise.