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23rd-25th March. Three day training to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to meet the SFEDI Social Enterprise Standards. RISE recommends SFEDI accredited social enterprise advisors to social enterprises
Event date: Mon, 23 March 2009�� Read more... on "Social Enterprise Advisor: Professional Development"

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News from SW: What�s So Social About Social Enterprise?

The University of Bristol and ESRC Festival of Social Science are holding a special free event on Monday 9th March where there will be the chance to participate in an interactive learning dialogue about the definition of Social Enterprise.

Social enterprise is an idea that is fast capturing the public imagination, offering a way to integrate profit and altruism that is increasingly attractive as a career path, a means of achieving social change or a goal of philanthropy. But as social enterprise grows in popularity, its boundaries are also becoming less clear. What is the difference between a social enterprise and a private sector company that emphasises corporate social responsibility? Or between a social enterprise and a government corporation serving a disadvantaged group of citizens?

Come and participate in an interactive learning dialogue about these questions between social entrepreneurs, students, academics and those interested in social enterprise as a career or as an idea. Participants will have a chance to debate the issues after each session is introduced by a leading local social entrepreneur.


15:00 Inventing the Social
What do we mean by a social enterprise? Katie Alcott from Frank Water will introduce the concept of social enterprise and discuss her own experiences in founding a social enterprise that brings clean water to the developing world.

16:00 Marking the Social
How do we know, as consumers and citizens, that we are dealing with a social enterprise? June Burrough from The Pierian Centre in Bristol will discuss how her company has acquired the Social Enterprise Mark to show that the firm officially creates a social benefit to the community, in this case providing a local space for learning.

17:00 Narrating the Social
What might we want to know about the human side of the benefits and changes that social enterprise promises to bring? Sam Robinson, Social Responsibility Manager at Eaga, will talk about the relationships that the company has built with Childreach International in Tanzania, and with a film crew that documented their work renovating rural school buildings, as well as challenges posed by the company�s rapid growth.

18:00 Wine and snacks
19:00 Close

Directions to the venue at: www.architecturecentre.co.uk/directions.htmrecent research
For queries, please contact Bronwen Morgan, e-mail .
This event is FREE, but places are limited. To register, give your name and the name of your organisation (or school/college/university) to
Telephone +44 (0)117 331 5114 Fax +44 (0)117 925 1870

About the Speakers

Katie Alcott - Frank Water (www.frankwater.com)
Having lived, worked and travelled in numerous developing countries and seeing the effects of contaminated drinking water, Katie felt compelled to do something about the world water situation. Seeing the booming bottled water market in the UK she discovered an obvious link - water for water � and in 2005 she started FRANK Water to help fund clean water projects. FRANK Water donates 100% of its profits to fund clean water facilities around the world. The registered charity FRANK Water Projects helps up to 5000 villagers in India each month. FRANK is small. In her own words: �Being small means we keep out overheads low and our donations high. That way we fund as many clean water projects as possible. Buy FRANK and be part of the solution�.

June Burrough - The Pierian Centre (www.pierian-centre.com) June Burrough is the Founding Director of The Pierian Centre CIC in St Pauls, established in 2002. June has a diverse background of careers, including Stage Management, Career Change Coaching and Management Development and Training. The Centre is a Training Centre where a supportive learning environment makes a significant contribution to the quality of courses and meetings, and encourages personal development and improvement in working practices. The Centre aims to encourage people to celebrate differences in each other, rather than fight or condemn them. In her own words: �We provide a special welcome for all and focus on taking care of everyone who walks through the door. The way we run the business encourages cross-cultural events and diversity of visitors. From arts and culture to a professional conference centre, at our heart is seeing ourselves as an integral part of the community where we are situated�.

Since 2002 the business has increased to a footfall of 25,000 a year, and in April 2007 was launched as a Community Interest Company, with 1000 people of 60 nationalities attending a gala evening at the Colston Hall. The Centre also recently acquired the Social Enterprise Mark (www.socialenterprisemark.co.uk). This is a label which tells customers that a product or service comes from a social enterprise and is creating a social or environmental benefit. The Mark enables social enterprises to differentiate themselves from private business and any corporate social responsibility schemes, or 'greenwash'.

Sam Robinson- Eaga (www.eaga.com)
From a base as the leading deliverer of UK governments� fuel poverty programmes, eaga has built a successful and unique business. Initially a small social enterprise, the company was floated on the stock exchange in 2007, and continues to be co-owned by its 4,500 employees. Sam Robinson has been in post as eaga�s Social Responsibility Manager since Autumn 2007. Sam�s background is in the voluntary sector and Mental Health services, including professional one2one support and advocacy. He is about to return to studies, starting with a Sustainable Business course at Cambridge University.

As a co-owned business with clear underlying social and environmental principles, social responsibility is integral to eaga�s success. In his own words: "The diversity and depth of our Social Responsibility work is hugely important, and we're already looking at ways to further expand our reach and double our impact. We want to drive our efforts on, engaging more of our Partners, putting sustainability at the core of what we do to improve communities and change lives, every day".