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23rd-25th March. Three day training to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to meet the SFEDI Social Enterprise Standards. RISE recommends SFEDI accredited social enterprise advisors to social enterprises
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Other news: National Third Sector Survey Results

Conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Office of the Third Sector, all 15 of the Third Sector Survey Headline Reports for the South West local authority areas, can be viewed on South West Forum's website. All files are in PDF format and around 135KB in size.

The letter from OTS to South West Forum stated:

"See the short report on the views of your local third sector, drawn from the National Survey of Third Sector Organisations, and including your National Indicator 7 baseline score. The survey closed in December with a massive 49,000 responses.

The National Survey does not report until April, but we are providing local authorities with their baseline score and indicative target for improvement early.

Of course, this early baseline report is certainly not the final word on your work with the local third sector, and when the survey reports we will be able to tell you much more about what lies behind the figures. For instance, we already know that 58% of organisations who said they had a great amount of engagement with local statutory bodies found them to have a positive or very positive influence on their success � a staggering jump from an overall average of 16%. We will explore this and many other factors in our analysis between now and April, and the results promise to be both fascinating and helpful. However, a clear message so far is that now is the time for local government and the sector to redouble their engagement with each other, and work together to address the issues affecting people in your local area.

It is also worth noting that, nationally, the majority of respondents who did not consider local statutory bodies to have a positive influence didn�t feel they had a negative influence either. Rather there is a large pool of organisations who have no strong views in either direction, and you may well see an opportunity to bring them on board as positive and active partners.

I know that the task of building a positive environment for the sector is complicated by the economic downturn. However, the sector can make a huge contribution to helping people through the downturn, providing essential services, supporting those most badly affected and helping people into employment and positive voluntary action. I believe that the challenge NI7 sets us is now more urgent than ever. We at OTS, and our colleagues in your government office, will do whatever we can to support you in this."