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Social Enterprise Advisor: Professional Development
23rd-25th March. Three day training to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to meet the SFEDI Social Enterprise Standards. RISE recommends SFEDI accredited social enterprise advisors to social enterprises
Event date: Mon, 23 March 2009�� Read more... on "Social Enterprise Advisor: Professional Development"

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News from SW: Wessex Reinvestment Society have a limited number of Golden Nugget Business Loans available

�1,000 over 12 months at a zero interest rate available for selected business clients who meet the criteria.

This �1000 loan will cost you �83.33 per month over 12 monthly instalments.

The Small Print:

Some conditions would be attached to successful applicants. Those are:

� Each client would agree to membership of Wessex Reinvestment Society Limited (minimum �50 shareholding);
� Loans need to be taken up (money paid into clients bank account)
by 31st March 2009;
� Loans are granted for a specific purpose (for example new equipment);
� Clients agree to provide a personal credit check for Weesex Reinvestment's records;
� Only one interest-free �1000 loan per client and/or business venture;
� Any arrears will invoke a penalty-clause clearly outlined in the Loan Agreement
� Limited number of interest-free loans available. (Once this number has been reached all future loans will be offered at our normal fixed rate of 12.5% or 13.2% typical APR).

Contact: Annie Popham (Investment Manager) .
or Amanda Hill (Office Manager) .
Tel: 01404 549139 or visit www.wessexrt.co.uk