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23rd-25th March. Three day training to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to meet the SFEDI Social Enterprise Standards. RISE recommends SFEDI accredited social enterprise advisors to social enterprises
Event date: Mon, 23 March 2009�� Read more... on "Social Enterprise Advisor: Professional Development"

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Other news: SEASON Tender Specification for Market Research into Social Enterprise Advisors in the South East of England.

Se2partnership is established in the South East as a partnership of organisations and networks who exist to support the development of social enterprise. The Partnership is co-ordinating a regional social enterprise programme funded by Capacity Builders - a 'non-departmental public body' set up to build the capacity of the Third Sector.

The regional SEP will involve several areas of work to be delivered by various partners as part of a joined up, coherent 'portfolio'. Co-operatives South East are leading on the SEASON project.

The SEASON project

Improve support for social enterprise in the South East through the creation, establishment and development of a regional network for social enterprise advisors, with regular meetings where best practice is shared, hot topics are addressed and continual professional development is achieved.

1) A strong regional network encouraging engagement from relevant (i.e. people working in the south east region whose primary role is to provide direct business support and advice to social enterprises) advisors, including those not accredited and Business Link advisers

2) A better standard of advice available to the region�s social enterprises through increased accreditation and the sharing of best practice models

3) Greater awareness of and improved access to good quality social enterprise advice for third sector organisations in the region

� Promote strong attendance by social enterprise advisors at regional network meetings
� Promote and encourage the accreditation of regional social enterprise advisers
� Hold training events
� Run sector specific (eg rural services, affordable housing, coastal tourism, asset based management, ICT) network seminar events
� Create a CPD framework for Social Enterprise Advisors
� Develop web based tools for CPD
� Raise the profile of social enterprise advisers with the Business Links
� Be the South East project for the National Learning Project

The project will be delivered in 3 phases:
Phase One - Market Research & Engagement
Phase Two � Business and Action Plan Development
Phase Three � Implementation of the Business Plan

Phases one and two will overlap considerably as Phase one will inform phase two. A contract will be issued for each of these phases and contracts will require successful contractors to collaborate effectively. The tender for Phase 2 will be issued within the next couple of weeks.

The tender
This tender is for a market research programme that identifies
� people already working in the south east region whose primary role is to provide direct business support and advice to social enterprises (relevant advisers)
� appropriate accreditations for relevant advisers
� what the network can and should offer them to encourage their engagement
� what third sector organisations in the region need from relevant advisors and what the network should offer to encourage support from those advisors and their engagement with the network
The successful contractor will be expected to start the process of engaging and involving the stakeholders in the SEASON project through this market research programme.

Budget: �6,000 (including VAT)
Timescale: to be completed by 13th March 2009
Assessment criteria will include:
� appropriate research experience
� relevant knowledge of sector and current dynamics
� given the budget, the most creative and effective recommendations for completing the task
Please include in your bid:
� details of the key personnel delivering the contract
� details of 2 referees
� details of method of delivery including expected number of contacts, details of networks
� method of reporting and timescales

Please submit your bids by 5pm Tuesday 3rd February 2009 to
Jo White
Co-operatives South East
c/o Co-operative Futures
City Works
Alfred Street


Interviews will take place on Thursday 5th February 2009 in London.