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Social Enterprise Advisor: Professional Development
23rd-25th March. Three day training to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to meet the SFEDI Social Enterprise Standards. RISE recommends SFEDI accredited social enterprise advisors to social enterprises
Event date: Mon, 23 March 2009�� Read more on "Social Enterprise Advisor: Professional Development"

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RISE Additions

RISE Additions is a new optional membership status that gives access to a range of high quality services for business advisors and development workers � offering exceptional value for money.

RISE Additions benefits:
  • Free attendance to the quarterly Business Advice Network events for all your staff (BAN events otherwise cost �55 per attendee)
  • Discounted rates to attend RISE training (Introducing Social Enterprise and Professional Development for Social Enterprise Advisors)
  • Additional discounts on other services that we are developing for business advisors/development workers.

The extra cost per annum of being a member of RISE Additions is:

Category Your Income RISE Additions cost
Less than �25,000
�25,000 - �100,000
�100,000 -�250,000
�250,000 - �500,000
> �500,000
Local/regional not-for-profit organizations
Statutory and corporate bodies
Individuals/sole traders
Ltd Company/LLPs

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